Are you still wasting money on disposable party cups? We’re about to shatter all your expectations about wine glasses, but that’s all that will shatter. Because these incredible silicone wine glasses made by Silly Cook will never shatter. Ever. Made of food grade nonstick silicon, these wine glasses are 100% durable, squashable, mashable, scrunchible, polverizable…are you getting the idea? They are reusable and completely dishwasher safe, because they are made of easy-to-clean eco-conscious and BPA free materials. And if we haven’t made it completely clear: these amazing glasses aren’t only for wine. They’re perfect for camping, backpacking, barbecues, picnicking, beaches, on your boat, even to keep in your purse or briefcase to fill up at public water fountains or sinks. Do you have children under the age of 12? Buy a few sets and you’ll never spend one more second of your life sweeping up broken glass. New improved quality and design, stain resistant, non-stick, unbreakable, great for hot drinks and completely freezable, contemporary and sophisticated stemless design, great gift idea, set of two, 12 oz.

Cool Tip: Before your party, freeze grapes (white or red) and use them in your wine instead of ice!

NOTE: Before first use, wash them thoroughly with baking soda mixed with water. Any faint smell that might remain will disappear once they have been used a few times.

Product Features

  • What makes our glasses the best? They are made of stronger silicone material, so ours won’t fold up while you are holding them or taking a sip. You will find them much easier to use, and your beverage will go in your mouth, not in your lap!
  • Now you can make great slushy frozen drinks or a steaming Irish coffee…all in the same shatterproof silicone glass. This one won’t drip as it melts either! Silly Cook silicone glasses are so versatile and convenient you are going to use them all the time!
  • We have come a long way from the disposable plastic cup when it comes to drinking our wine. These beautiful glasses are sleek and modern in style, and can be proudly used whenever you entertain. And remember to tell them you got them from Silly Cook, because they ARE going to ask!
  • You are going to be thrilled and amazed when you try out your new silicone glasses. Not only are they beautiful, they won’t break, stick or stain, even with red wine or grape juice! When we say they are “Super”, we really mean it!
  • When you order today, your silicone wine glasses will be covered by our LIFETIME WARRANTY. If the glasses get damaged in any way, just contact us and we will replace the glasses absolutely free of charge. Lifetime Warranty only offered on glasses purchased directly from Silly Cook. Glasses purchased from third party sellers do not qualify as they are not an original Silly Cook product.

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