A lot goes into serving a perfect glass of wine. If it’s a white you’re uncorking, you have to make sure that the wine is well chilled and maintain that chilled temperature. Before serving a red, you have to make sure it has time to breathe or else you’ll miss out on its full flavor and bouquet. And no matter what you’re serving, you have to be careful when you pour so that you don’t end up with drips and spills.

Isn’t that a lot of work for something that’s supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable?

Bella Vino thinks so! That’s why we created our 3-in-1 Wine Aerator Pourer & Chiller. Like you, we got tired of having to wait for reds to breathe and whites to chill and hated wasting even a drop of our favorite vintages. Our combination iceless wine chiller and wine air aerator pourer allows you to open your wine and enjoy it to the fullest in record time. Here’s how:

1. The stainless steel wine chiller rod reaches a cold temperature after just 2 hours in the freezer. When you insert the rapid wine chiller into the bottle, it transfers the cold to your wine in 10 to 15 minutes and keeps it cold without diluting it.

2. The wine aerator built into the wine aerator pourer top infuses wine with air at a rapid pace, giving you the results of an hour’s worth of breathing in an instant. Wine flows right out of the aerating wine pourer mouth once it’s aerated, so there’s no extra step to complete.

3. The wine pourer has a silicone stopper that prevents leaks while you pour, and its wide acrylic mouth is specially shaped to keep wine steadily and neatly flowing into your glass.

By giving you three wine accessories in one handy gadget, Bella Vino will improve the way you enjoy wine forever!

Product Features

  • o 3 ESSENTIAL ACCESSORIES IN ONE With Bella Vino, you get a wine aerator, a wine pourer and a wine chiller in one high quality, BPA free stainless steel design. Why buy a corkcicle wine chiller or a standalone wine aerator pourer, when you can get all three tools you need to get wine ready to drink in one handy gadget?
  • o IDEAL FOR ANY WINE Place the iceless wine chiller in the freezer for 2 hours to get it to an ideal temperature. Slip it into the bottle and the rapid wine chiller will have white and blush wines and champagnes chilled to perfection in just 10 to 15 minutes! Use it as an aerating wine pourer to serve your favorite reds without having to wait hours for them to breathe
  • o NEVER LOSE A SINGLE DROP Not only does our wine air aerator infuse wines with an ideal amount of oxygen to bring out their aromas and full flavor profile, but it also helps to prevent spills! The wide mouth pourer and drip feed stopper ensure that every drop of your fine wine ends up in the glass, not on the counter or running down the sides of the bottle!
  • o SIMPLE TO STORE & READY TO TRAVEL Our wine aerator, chiller and pourer measure 12.5 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter at its widest point, so it fits easily into any drawer. Drop it in your cooler or basket to take with you to the barbecue, the picnic, the tailgating party and anywhere else that you want to enjoy wine to the fullest
  • o LOOKING FOR WINE GIFT IDEAS? Wine accessories are gifts wine lovers adore, especially when they’re as unique as our single wine chiller, aerator and pourer. Pick up one for yourself as well as wine housewarming gifts, wine birthday gifts and wine gifts for other occasions!

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