The birth of wine refrigerators has been a welcome addition. Most of us simply don't have space, nor can we afford a walk in, built in cellar. Happily, we can now access these handy storage systems at virtually any size or price. If you have made the move to join a wine club, then one of these appliances will be needed to properly store your monthly deliveries.

It's no secret that we've all grown in our appreciation of wines these days. No matter if you're a dedicated Red Wine enthusiast, or simply enjoy a chilled White Wine on a hot day, the days of Baby Duck & other utterly gross boxed wines are long gone.

Nowadays just about everyone has a supply of their favorites on hand in their homes, but therein lies a problem, just where do you store that precious liquid.

Many people that enjoy both Red & Whites will look for a "dual zone" wine refrigerator, where each zone can be individually temperature controlled, or on occasion it makes sense to simply purchase two units.

Like all things you get what you pay for. The more expensive units will be better insulated, have special treated glass panels which help maintain a constant temperature, as well as better control humidity levels. These can be particularly important if your appliance is stored in an area with fluctuating temperatures, maybe an outside garage for example.

If you're planning on having your unit within the home, the d?cor of the wine refrigerator will be something you'll need to consider. Many models are actually like fine pieces of furniture, with embossed glass panels, decorative woods, & subdued backlighting.

Wine enjoyment is a social experience, and it's especially nice to have your collection appropriately displayed, and thus a center of conversation with your friends.

Size matters! If you're just starting to be purchasing & storing wines good advice would be to buy a wine refrigerator larger than you had initially thought necessary. However if you dwell in an apartment where there is not an abundance of space, there are may "apartment sized" units available, from "Counter Top", to "Under the Counter" models.

Do you imbibe in a wine from a variety of countries? Enjoy some Champagne? Then you'll appreciate getting a unit that features adjustable shelving, as many of these come in non standard sized bottles.

Much more for much less? If the words "some assembly required" doesn't scare you, then consider purchasing a unit that requires a little assembly. Often the savings you'll reap by doing this will enable you to afford a much larger unit than you would have otherwise. Often you can store up to 500 bottles in perfect conditions and in a quite inexpensive way.

Are you a dedicated collector? Need optimum storage & temperature control for anywhere from 1000 - 2500 bottles?Then a modular wine room may be what you should consider. These rooms are, prepackaged, relatively simple to assemble, and best of all, due to them arriving in pieces, can be assembled in a room, that you would never be able to fit a ready assembled unit into.

Now that you've an idea of what your needs are we highly recommend you visit the Wine Enthusiast, our choice for a huge variety of wine refrigerators , with every conceivable make, model and price range.


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