Sidekick- Lifestyle, Form and Function- Protect your wine and party supplies with Sidekick Neoprene Two Bottle Wine Tote Bag. Travel with your Napa Wine, Sports Drinks, Gifts and/or Baby Bottles knowing they are safe and stored. Grab and go when you arrive with your neoprene Sidekick two bottle wine accessory and cooler, it makes a great gift for any wine cellar. Sidekick’s thermal tote bag insulates two 750ml-1L bottles for up to four hours, depending on external temperatures while also protecting other objects such as camera lens’s and/or sports drinks at the gym keeping things cool and protected from bangs and bumps in transit. Sidekick’s neoprene is stain resistant, machine-washable; wash cold and drip-dry for best results. Measures 10 inches wide by 16 inches long by 1/2 inch when flat. Everyone needs a Sidekick, so click the add to cart button to get yours today.

Product Features

  • FLEXIBLE FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE- Use your Sidekick Tote Bag for taking your beer or wine supplies to the party, take as a sports drink cooler and it’s even a great double baby bottle holder.
  • PROTECTS GLASS BOTTLES- Protects 2 bottles that are 750ml to 1L. The soft neoprene material stops bottles banging together in transit. Have several in your wine cellar or storage area to ensure your precious cargo arrives safely. A perfect accessory for the Napa wine enthusiast.
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL- AROUND THE CORNER OR AROUND THE WORLD. Being light makes it’s great for travel. It protects wine bottles or glass bottles in your suitcase, carrier bag, or loose in the car. Even use it as a sleeve to protect camera lenses and other valuables.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT- For Christmas, birthdays or special occasions, and you know people will love it and use it.
  • BUILT SOFT & ULTRA LIGHT – The soft neoprene is non toxic and easy to clean after the party, beach, or sports event. Machine wash. Drip dry. Fits nice and snug around bottle shape. Super light. Insulate your drinks keeping them warm or cool (up to 4 hours), without extra weight. Everyone needs a Sidekick, so click the add to cart button now and get yours today.

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