Wine is a drink that is produced from grapes, basically. There are a lot of other wines which are also produced from other fruits and plants but grapes are the most common contributors to wine than any other fruit. Wine is stored in wine bottles which are also stored in a wine rack. A wine rack is sort of like a shelf for wine bottles. The main purpose of these storage units are to really hold the wine bottles in which wine is stored.

The Shape Of A Wine Rack

A basic wine rack is shaped or designed like a book shelf only the shelves are tilted upwards at the back of each shelf. At the front part of each shelf, there is supposed to be a stopper or a contraption that is supposed to support the wine bottle and prevent it from slipping forward. The wine bottles in the wine rack are stored almost upside down or at an angle as long as the cork in each bottle is immersed in the liquid. Some people also store the wine bottle lying on the side; any angle is permissible as long as the cork is immersed in liquid. The angle keeps the cork immersed in the liquid which prevent it from drying up and eventually falling into wine if it is stored standing right side up.

There are many variations to a wine rack design which may suit any home owner or individual’s preferences. The design mentioned above is the most basic design for a rack and it is made of wood. There are also some racks which are made with iron or plastic or any other medium that can effectively hold a wine bottle and stop it. A wine rack made with wrought iron is appealing to some people and this can be quite attractive especially the wine rack that can be placed on top of the counter or the table at the house.

Some wine racks are designed to hold wine glasses for the convenience of the owner. Wine glass holders also come in different designs. There is even a hanging wine glass rack where the glasses can be store hanging upside down. According to the need of the individual or the home owner the size of wine rack is fixed. If the owner is a connoisseur of wine, then he or she might like to have a bigger wine rack in which to store many bottles of wine.

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