If you love giving yourself a luxurious in-home spa treatment – soaking in a deep, hot bath tub filled with your favorite aromatherapy oils or foamy suds, then you should treat yourself to the convenience of your very own bathtub caddy!

With a caddy, you can keep all your favorite bath time items and accessories in a safe, convenient platform that adjusts to fit your tub.

Our 100% Natural Bamboo Bath Caddy measures 27-3/4 closed… and 41-1/2 inches fully extended, left to right. This means it is designed to fit virtually ANY tub out there. (But be sure to measure yours before you place your order, just to be safe.)

You can rest assured that your items will stay safe and secure on our sturdy caddy. Built with a stainless steel frame that is covered with a special grip cloth, our caddy requires NO TOOLS. It is ready to go, out-of-the-box.

It folds back up easily and stores away conveniently, taking very little space in your bathroom.

The large platform holds everything you could ever want with your while you relax in the tub.

The cup holder secures your favorite glass of wine… or a cup of herbal tea… or even a cup of decaf organic coffee before bed!

The adjustable book holder holds your tablet or phone or any device you bring with you to the bath. Because of the fail-safe design, there is never any danger of your items dropping into the water.

You can relax in comfort and total confidence that your accessories and comfort items will be right where you need them!

Our eco-friendly 100% Natural Bamboo comes from sustainable forests, which helps protect the environment.

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Product Features

  • RELAX IN LUXURY – ULTIMATE SPACE AND COMFORT — Convenient built-in cup holder for keeping a glass of your favorite wine, or a cup of soothing tea or coffee – right there within easy reach while you soak and enjoy! Enough space to accommodate all your needs like face wash, razors, candles, etc
  • SAFELY HOLDS YOUR BOOK, TABLET, OR YOUR SMARTPHONE- Fool-proof design makes sure nothing can fall into the tub! The metal frame is covered with special waterproof cloth to prevent your reading material to fall into your bath. Also caddie has 3 notches that will hold your device in the most convenient reading position and prevent it from sliding down or falling over to the water like in other trays designs
  • STURDY, RELIABLE CONSTRUCTION – Our sturdy design prevents tray from sliding, bouncing or skidding across the tub like other metal trays. Our construction is made of 100% Natural Bamboo from sustainable growth forests and will not rust like other metal trays
  • ADJUSTS TO FIT YOUR TUB – Stays firmly in place when extended to fit your tub. Adjustable bamboo bath caddy can fit any tub or Jacuzzi design (wide, oversized rectangle, round or narrow). Measures 27 3/4 inches closed and expands up to 41-1/2 inches wide. Ready to use out-of-the-box no tools required

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