If you are handy, and have always wanted a wall mounted wine rack, you can easily build your own, cause this is indeed a very easy job to do.

The directions I am about to write below for a wall mounted wine rack is made by using a used kitchen cabinet. You can always get old cabinet at a garage sale, or perhaps you can use your own old one.

Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Wall Mounted Wine Rack:

* Take the door off of the cabinet. It’s important that you take any brackets as well as the shelves out of the cabinet.

* Measure the height of the cabinet to find out how many shelves your wall wine rack should have.

* Cut shelves using a saw for your wall mounted wine rack. Make sure you make a front and back for each shelf.

* To create the neck holders you will need to drill 1″ holes in the center of the board. You will need to determine how many wine bottles will fit across the width of your cabinet.

* You need to repeat step 4 for the rear shelves. This time use a 4″ hole cutter. These shelves will go in the back of your rack.

* Finish the shelves and the cabinet using a paint or stain and liquor.

* When your stain or paint is dry, then you can assemble the mounted wine rack. Don’t forget to use the brackets to mount the wine rack shelves in the back and in the front of your cabinet.

* When everything is done, now you can mount that mounted wine rack on the wall.

Put your favorite wine bottle in your new wall mounted wine rack. Your friends and family will be impressed with your creation, and you’ll feel proud of yourself. Perhaps you want to celebrate it by drinking your syrah wine.

Perhaps people will start asking you how you created such a good wine rack out of an old cabinet. Who would think a new wine glass racks was actually created from kitchen cabinet?

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