A set of Reidel Wine Glasses is one of the best collection for wine’s lover. When it comes to wine classes, Reidel is top of the line. Their products are stand out from the rest.

Reidel has a standard for quality that goes above and beyond and this standard shines through on every reidel wine glass.

Many of Reidel wine glasses are manufactured in various styles. Today, there are more than 200 models in the wine glasses line.

Every type has its own characterisitcs. So, it will be easy for wine lover to find an ideal glass for them.

Collections of Reidel Wine Glasses

Vinum Classic

Vinum Classics are often picked up by individuals and restuarateurs. In fact, this collection is one of the best Reidel ever made.

The “O”

These cool wine glasses are similar to the Vinum Classis and suitable for wine lovers of all ages. It just they don’t have a stem.


Decanters are very good for wines that have been aged. It will removes sediments that have been stayed in the bottle for a long a time.


You won’t be disappointed with this Vitis glass offers. It’s really a perfect addition for any collection. 24% of the Vitis collections are made by Crystal.


The Sommeliers collection are hand crafted using lead crystal for about 24%. Many wine lovers have been raving about them for a long time. Afterall, who wouldn’t like crystal wine glasses?

Vinum Extreme

Vinum Extreme of Reidel have become a favorite for many wine lovers. Especially since wines have become more complex, so that Reidel came up with this unique classic wine glass collection.

While many of Riedel’s collections are listed here, there are many other collections on the market as well. Take your time and pick an ideal collection for yourself or for your favorite wine enthusiast. Personalized wine glasses always make a good gift for everyone.

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