Hosting a wine party is a great way of getting together with family and friends and have a great time socializing. The guests bring something or the other to contribute to the party. However, when you are invited to a wine tasting party, it becomes a pickle to decide as to what should be taken as a gift for the party. You want to show that you are a genuine wine enthusiast and above all you want to give the host a big smile. Here are a couple of wine gifts that are ideally suited for the occasion:

1.Wine Bottle: If you are looking for a good wine gift, then it would be wise to go for a bottle of wine. A wine bottle would make the recipient quite happy and would also make an elegant statement. You can always go for Magnum, Imperial or Solomon types of wine bottles. The wine bottle would portray an elegant look if it’s in Burgundy, Mosel and Alsace colors.

2.Wine Basket:: Another perfect wine gift would be a Wine Gift Basket. This makes an excellent wine gift for parties or any other occasion. A wine basket is usually comprised of a couple bottles of wine with matching appetizers, chocolates with various spreads with chardonnay and cheese. You can always liquor shop and get an idea on how to make your wine basket into a perfect wine gift. A wine basket is always considered the best wine gifts of all. You can also gift it to a person who doesn’t drink at all. With a wine gift basket, you can never be embarrassed because even if the recipient is a teetotaler, the chocolates and the goodies beside the wine would be more than enough to bring a big smile on his face. However, it’s very crucial to be aware of the ingredients that would make the best wine gift basket. A good standard wine basket would consist of one or two bottles of wine, chocolates, spreads and meat. However, to make your wine gift basket look more sumptuous you should also add several other food products like smoked salmon, roasted nuts, bonbons and more.

3.Wine Accessories: Another great gift that would surely impress a wine enthusiast would be wine accessories. These accessories include corkscrews, lever model screwpulls, pocket and table model screwpulls. Champagne coolers, buckets and wine chillers. These wine accessories can also be added in a wine gift basket.

4.Wine Glasses: Taste of a good wine is always supplemented by the wine glass that you use. So in the spirit of wine tasting, it would be a great idea to gift a wine enthusiast with a set of gorgeous wine glasses. There are different types of glasses that can be gifted for different sorts of wines. If your host is serving red wine, or if your are presenting him with a red wine then, you should always go for Red Wine glasses. These glasses can be recognized by round wide bowl. In case of a white wine, White Wine glasses are the ideal choice. These glasses are recognized by their narrow and tulip-shaped sides. Finally, if you have chosen to gift champagne, then the best way to present a bottle of an exquisite champagne is with Champagne glasses. Also known as champagne flutes they are quite easily recognizable with their tall stems and narrow bowl on top.

With these wonderful wine gifts, you are surely going to be the life of the party and the recipient will remember you for a long time to come.

By: Eddie Money

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