You don’t need to be a certified wine expert to master the art of wine chilling. All you need is a reliable chiller so you can appreciate every sip of fine wine drinking served at the right temperature. BlizeTec Wine Chiller is designed to aid that purpose!

Why Wine Chilling is A MUST?

Do you know that improper wine serving temp. is one of the main reasons people say they don’t like a particular wine? Wine might not taste as good as you thought if you keep it too long in the refrigerator. A slightly chilled wine tastes the best, and so do selecting the right chiller to fully capture the aroma. BlizeTec 3 in 1 wine chiller allows wine to be kept at an ideal drinking temperature without making it less tasty. A MUST HAVE item for family/friend gathering, special occasions & gift set.

Key Features & Benefits:

* Sleek Stainless steel chiller tube to enable optimal drinking temperature for up to 30 minutes

* Built in wine aerator allows one to breath the wine by releasing its aromas & flavors

* Unique mouthful pourer for wine dripping & taste preservation

* BPA-Free safety stopper to prevent wine from leaking from the bottle while pouring

* Quality assurance: Backed by a lifetime hassle free warranty

ACT NOW and Chill Your Own Wine in the Comfort of Your Home

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Product Features

  • ?BEST VOTED WINE CHILLER: The finest 3 in 1 wine chiller stick with pourer and aerator function; Sleek design to fit all bottle sizes with built in BPA free stopper to prevent wine or champagne from leaking from the mouth while pouring. Perfect to chill red/white/ice wine & champagne. Sturdy to keep wine mild & tasteful to the very last drop.
  • ?ALL IN ONE SOLUTION: BlizeTec Wine Chiller Rod has built in aerator to allow wine enthusiasts to breathe wine to perfection; Chiller rod to chill wine from inside; Pourer to preserve wine for better taste exposure; Very handy size: 12.5 inch (Length) x 1 inch (Mouth Width); Weight: 3.80 Oz
  • ?PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASSIONS: A MUST HAVE wine accessory for parties, special unique birthday gifts, celebrations and festive seasons; Ideal to bring it along for short traveling, camping and outdoor picnicking; Great gift item for friends, families and your loved ones.
  • ?EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Place the chiller rod in the freezer for minimum of 2 hours, then open your wine and let it aerate for 10-15 minutes. When ready to serve, pour off some wine to allow the chiller to be inserted into the bottle. Then just insert the wine chiller into the bottle and slowly pour about a glass of wine and start enjoying the aroma; Hassle free maintenance; Be sure to hand wash wine chiller only.
  • ?SAFE AND ULTRA DURABLE: Premium next generation product and FDA certified; Safe & high quality 304 stainless steel material to uphold wine aroma at the optimum level; Invest in quality: Backed by a lifetime warranty! (*** Beware of counterfeit, BlizeTec is the SOLE carrier & distributor of BlizeTec 3-in-1 Wine Chiller. ***)

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