Plenty of people have ordered wine over the alcohol delivery in the past, whether its through online stores or wine auction houses. But have you ever given thought as to what happens after you purchase your wine? how is the wine delivery process?

Everything moves into gear as soon as your order and payment are received by the company.

When your order is printed out, it is then submitted for the checking process. This process involves checking whether the wine is in stock and has been approved for commercial distribution.

Once the check is complete, the order will then be given to warehouse staff to find your wines and assemble your order. These are then carefully packed into specially designed delivery packs, minimising movement, allowing for maximum freshness and preventing breakage.

Your order then goes into the delivery area of the warehouse, where the designated transportation company will collect it. This usually occurs within hours, but can be longer depending of the amount of orders and if there is a backlog or the wine is out of stock.

The first part of transportation is always done by road, and if in the same country, will mostly be done by road. If its leaving the country, your order will be going to a seaport or airport. A lot of the time which one it goes to will be determined by the amount of shipping paid on the order.

Here is where the longest part of transportation can actually take. Packages going through the airport can take a while for processing. With air transportation cutting weeks off the shipping time, it is a very popular choice. This usually results in a backlog at the airport that your order will be added to and may take a couple of days to make it through.

If it goes via seaport, it will make it onto the boat in good time as boats have a large cargo capacity, however the trip itself takes a couple of weeks to complete.

Once its hit your shores it is then taken to a warehouse for processing. Sorting takes typically one to two days and is then loaded into trucks and vans for delivery.

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