by Lisa Condrey

The martini is an very versatile drink. It is one of the few that can be customized to such an extreme that you might not be able to tell the difference between two of the possible outcomes. They can even be mixed so that you can either taste the alcohol straight away or you can have it sneak up on you.

You may even be surprised with the many different methods for changing the quality of your martini that has nothing to do with the ingredients of the drink itself. Thanks to Mr. Bond we all know that a martini can either be shaken or stirred. This well known fact makes the martini shaker a powerful tool.

Though seemingly simple the martini shaker is a complex appliance. There is a great deal of skill required to wield it properly. From the amount of ice within it to the amount of liquid it often takes a great amount of skill to mix a pleasing martini.

The finishing touches added to a martini are important as well. They add more than decoration, they are often part of either the sleek sophistication or the carefree fun that embodies the martini.

The martini glass is often used as a recognizable symbol of quality alcohol. Often when an individual is seen sipping a martini they are considered ?sophisticated? or ?higher end.? In addition the glass itself can be used as a finishing touch to the drink.

Martini glass comes with great variety. It can sometimes be considered a decoration on its own.

You will often find ?zesty? garnishes within a martini. Citrus, olives, and onion are not uncommon in this drink.

Though the martini is usually decorated with these particular objects you may find yourself surprised. Martinis can hold many things depending on what kind you are having.

Typically the dressings for martinis are more than just dressings. Their coloring is often set to compliment the coloring of the liquid within your glass. Even so, sweeter dressings go with drinks that are meant to be sweater.

When it comes down to it martinis are great for any occasion. If you wish to keep them light for a family get together there?s a perfect martini for that. If you?re throwing your pal a killer birthday party and just want to go crazy there?s a martini for that as well! The possibilities are endless!

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