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Your favorite bar is probably where you go to unwind. You shake off all the day’s stresses and chat with friends over a couple of drinks. Where would you be without a good bartending service? A good barman or barmaid knows how to effectively interact with patrons and this fact makes the bartender very important. His or her skill determines your mood.

Reputed bars and pubs the world over attribute much of their success to the quality and unique brand of their bartending services. Primarily, good bartending is the outcome of a sound training program, which was designed to impart knowledge in the mixing and serving of drinks. However, the range of drinks any particular bar offers will depend on the skill and experience of the barman or female bartender.

This service is offered by numerous catering establishments and also for special occasions – hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, banquets, clubs, private parties or wedding receptions and even by many reputed airlines. Drinks mixed by bartenders range from those based on internationally recognized, mixed drink recipes and names, to the ones created exclusively by a resident bartender. In many cases, the bartender must be skilled enough to create a drink based on the specific requests of patrons. There are special bartending training programs offered by several bartending schools or institutions and even by some reputed hotels around the world. Tending bar is a specialized profession and skilled bartenders are much sought after.

The first qualification of good a bartending service is not merely the ability to mix a good drink, but the ability to build a friendly relationship with the person drinking. The bartender must be sociable and have a keen desire to interact with guests. A bartender’s role is vital in building a solid bond between the establishment and the patrons. Simply explained, a good barkeep should be what a Public Relations Officer is to a company. If he possesses these qualities, then that’s a good starting point; however, there’s a lot more to be learned and done to be considered a professional. This is because a bartender has multiple roles to play behind the bar. He must have sound experience and knowledge of recipes for creating popular cocktails and other drinks, be quick in response to an order placed, and know all the general brands of alcohol in stock, as well as premium and house brands. In addition to this, he must keep a keen eye on all relevant bar material equipment – glasses, shakers, ice, etc., as well as the experience to operate such automatic equipment behind the bar counter when the demand for drinks is high in volume.

Cleanliness is probably the most important thing to a well run bartending service. No one wants to visit a dirty, smelly bar. Keeping the bar area clean and customers happy is one of the greatest things an establishment can do to bring in revenue. So the next time you’re in a club sipping one of your favorite drinks, if you happen to see the hardworking, smiling bartender, then smile back because he’s the one making your night.

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