One really good thing about grapes is that they grow on a vine and need a grape trellis in order to grow. Because of this space is not an issue. People can grow grapes in their backyards with only a small amount of space just as well as vineyards can on a few hundred acres of property.

Vines are not strong enough to support themselves and therefore need a trellis for support. The way a trellis looks depends upon the person who is growing the grapevine.

It can be very decorative or it can strictly be functional. A trellis can come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the grape grower and it can be made out of a variety of materials including iron, pre-treated wood, stainless steel, PVC pipe, or aluminum.

It can be purchased or a simple functional design can be fairly easily constructed by hand. Although grapevines can be grown in a yard, they are a fairly large plant. You will need a space of about eight feet by eight feet for one vine.

A trellis should be constructed before the vine is planted into the ground. Normally, taller trellises are used in warmer climates. A trellis that is shorter has a better chance withstanding winter weather and makes it easier to prepare the grape vine for winter. Shorter trellises use posts that are about three feet high. Larger trellises require a post that is about eight feet high.

Planning where your trellis is going to be should be considered before you start digging holes to place the poles into. You have mapped out your sight place the first post about two feet into the ground.

Taller eight foot posts will be sticking about six feet out of the ground. It is suggested to cement the post into the ground. It takes several years before you will see a crop of grapes so; this trellis is going to be a permanent fixture for some time. Posts can also be secured by using catch wires anchored to the ground or another much shorter post set in the ground next to your main post.

Posts are set into the ground at a distance of eight feet apart. Two rows of galvanized steel wire need to be run between the posts. The first row runs along the bottom of the posts about three inches from the ground. The second wire should run along the top of the posts. Use a staple gun to staple the wires in place.

Purchasing a grape trellis for your grapevine is also an option that a lot of grape growers explore when looking to grow a small crop of grapes. The investment is more but you options are open. Just make sure to have good planning and have taken careful measurements as to where you would like your trellis to be to ensure that you buy a trellis that is right for you.

When your vine is planted and it begins to grow it will grow up along the two main trellis wires with some coaxing on your part. You can use string or cloth to tie the vine to the wires. Using more wire to tie the shoot in place can sometimes damage the shoot.

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