There are many websites selling Absinthe and Absinthekits that its hard to know where to buy Absinthe online. is probably the best as they also supply the same absinthe essence to the liquor industry from their industrial site

Absinthe, referred to as the Green Fairy or La Fee Verte, is a strong alcoholic beverage with an anise taste. Henri-Louise Pernod’s original Absinthe was made with a wine alcohol base and flavored with herbs such as grande wormwood,and fennel. Absinthe which is distilled at high proof and is very strong, it is served with iced water to dilute it. It is much more stronger than other spirits such as vodka and whisky.

Real Absinthe contains the herb wormwood which gives the drink its bitter taste. Wormwood contains the chemical thujone which was one of the reasons why the drink was banned in the early 1900s. It was believed that thujone was harmful to health and psychoactive. Studies have now shown that Absinthe only contains trace amounts of thujone and is not harmful.

Absinthe is enjoyed by using a preparation method called The Ritual. A shot of Absinthe in a glass is diluted with water dripped over a cube of sugar on an Absinthe spoon. The water gradually mixes into the alcohol causing the drink to louche becoming cloudy. Only Absinthe containing real herbs and essential oils will louche so you need to make sure you use a top-quality Absinthe.

Where to find real Absinthe online

To enjoy Absinthe properly you need to order quality Absinthe. Absinthe which contains wormwood. Websites will give you details about abv (or proof) and thujone content. A good example is states that Absinthe La Clandestine from Claude-Alain Bugnon has an alcohol by volume of 53% and has less than 30 mg of thujone., a UK based company gives very good product descriptions of the Absinthe available to order on their web shop and delivers product reviews.

If you make your own you can ensure that you are using quality Absinthe. Now, home distillation is illegal in most countries unless you have a license and Absinthe just is not real Absinthe without the distillation process. However, AbsintheKit. has wormwood Absinthe essences distilled by high tech CO2 distillation. They contain the same natural, traditional herbs and essences that AbsintheKit sell to the Absinthe industry. They are already distilled so you only need to mix 20 ml of essence with 730 ml of vodka or Everclear. It is very easy.

Essences comes in 4 different varieties:-

Absinthe Classic Essence – Essence which makes a classic green Absinthe with a thujone content of 35 mg.

Absinthe White Essence – This essense can be used to make a clear Absinthe reminiscent of Swiss La Bleue Absinthes. This essence makes an Absinthe with a 35mg thujone content.

Absinthe Orange Essence - Flavored with orange oil with a thujone content of 35 mg.

Absinthe 55 Strong Essence – For a darker green Absinthe which a stronger wormwood flavor. The thujone content will be 55mg.

The essences are available in 20 ml bottles. This can make one 750 ml bottle of Absinthe. An AbsintheKits contain a 280 ml bottle of essence, a plastic measure and artistic bottle labels.

To buy Absinthe online it is important to get quality Absinthe that tastes right and that louches. Find companies selling award winning brands or made your own from essences.

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