The growing popularity of stemless wine glasses can also be attributed to the efforts by wine glass companies in increasing sales by developing more innovative and trendier products. This introduction of such products shows their efforts in moving towards the modern concept of living as depicted by the practicality of designs.

Features of the Stemless Wine Glass

Instead of the traditional way of holding a wine goblet by the stem, the stemless glass is held like a tumbler in the hand making it easier to swirl contents around before drinking. It has always been the characteristics in Europe to serve wine in whatever container is available. The stemless wine glass sort of formalizes this practice and the popularity has grown since then. However, in formal occasions like weddings, the stemmed wine glass is still preferred.

Casual yet elegant, these wine glasses are appropriate for fine wine enjoyment, as well as casual sipping. The wine tumblers are shaped to fit into a dishwasher and fine-tuned to enhance the pleasure of your favorite wine varietals. For the first time in glass history the design parameters such as shape of tumbler, size and diameter of rim, have been fine turned to enhance the worlds most important grape varietals.

Food pairing can be more flexible with the bowled tumbler of the stemless glass. Glass companies are also releasing several variations of the stemless wine glass that can accommodate different kinds of wines. It can also fit in with non-traditional or casual pairing as you can be more flexible with what food you will match with a particular wine. Some critics say that the stemless wine glass would hasten the warming up of the wine during drinking. However, with the new technology and designs applied by the manufacturers, this concern is addressed.

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