Dom Perignon is a champagne at the top end of its field produced by Moet Chandon. It is the luxury model of the range, so to speak. It is considered by many to be the best champagne money can buy and this is reflected in its price.

Dom Perignon is derived from a Benedictine monk who made great advances in the improvement in quality of champagne, but contrary to popular belief, did not invent the champagne production method.

The first vintage of Dom Perignon was 1921 and was only released for sale in 1936. Because it is a vintage champagne it is only produced in the best growing years. There is no guarantee that will be produced every year and quite often there will be a number of years that pass before the grapes are of good enough quality to use for a production run. Vintage champagne requires all grapes used in production to be from the same year.

In contrast, many other champagnes make a yearly production and will use grapes from a number of years. The is one of the main contributing factors to the quality and why Dom Perignon is held in such high esteem.

Around 5 million bottles of Dom Perignon are produced in each vintage. The champagne itself is made up of a mixture of 45% Pinot Noir and 55% Chardonnay. As we roll into 2009, the latest release of Dom Perignon is still dated back to 2000, while Perignon Rose is from a 1998 vintage.

All vintages need around 12 months of aging before they reach that trademark silky feel and only continue to improve with age.

The current (2009) winemaker is Richard Geoffroy and has held that position since being appointed in 1998.

Being a world famous Champagne, Dom Perignon is distributed worldwide through Moet Chandon , from the local regions of France all the way down to Australia.
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