There is something universally appreciated about wine. It has been enjoyed all over the world for thousands of years and the cup of choice is almost always the glass. Have you ever asked yourself though, why from a glass? Why not from a plastic cup, mug or wooden goblet? Sadly, there is no definitive answer for this. Actually, wine is enjoyed from a number of different containers, other than glass, in many different places. For example, wooden cups are used in Thailand and in Japan they often drink their wine from a ceramic vase-like cup. However, the overriding choice of tableware drinking vessel, wherever you go, is glass. It’s really more a result of other methods not being appropriate than glass being that special in any way. Lets examine what else is on offer.

Wood. As stated earlier, wooden cups are used to drink wine from in some countries, however there are some major draw backs. The first problem is staining, which is a common issue if your drinking red wine from your wooden cup. Discolouring will even happen with hardwoods. further more, rotting can often take place in the wood if it has liquid on it for a while. So after each use, time would have to be spent drying it out and removing any moisture.

Metal. If you have ever drunk wine from a metal cup you will know it's not the best experience ever. ‘displacement’ is the chemical reaction that causes this and it comes about as a result of metal have a very high count of ‘ions’. This basically means that some of the metals ions move into the wine and so affect the taste. This is why you often pick up metallic notes when drink from this type of cup. Also, because of its very heat-conductive qualities, almost any other material would keep the wine cooler when you're holding it

Ceramic. Like glass, ceramic is non porous, does not release any of its qualities into the wine, and can be easily cleaned with a glass cloth. This is why it is a popular alternative, but there is one very simple reason that it has not been embraced in the same way as glass - It is not transparent. A large part of the experience of enjoying a fine wine is watching it swirl around the glass, admiring its body. The desire is a very instinctive one and something that has been around since the development of glass.

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