There are many different styles of a custom wine cellar design, but each one has to maintain certain factors relevant to wine storage, otherwise the wine in the cellar will go bad. There are some people who go through the trouble of building an actual wine cellar, whereas others will convert a closet in the home into a wine cellar to maintain proper wine storage conditions. Many individuals do not know the proper storage conditions for wines and there wine does not end up tasting as good as it could if stored properly. Wine cellar design can be a fun process, setting up a basement or other area to hold racks of wine for a proper storage area.


One of the most important conditions in wine cellar design, whether it is made in the basement or the closet, is the temperature. The temperature in wine cellar design should not vary more than five degrees on either side of fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit. The warmer the room is, the faster the wine will age, which is why it is not good to have the wine bottle sitting on the counter in the kitchen for a couple of days where it gets warmer than other rooms in the home and the wine goes bad. If using a closet in the home for the wine cellar design, one should be chosen on the north side of the home so that the sun shining on the wall of the home does not cause the temperature to fluctuate as readily.

Another important consideration is light. In wine cellar design, there should never be sunlight in the room with the wine since it can cause damage to the quality of the wine. Even though the wine is bottled in dark containers, the sunlight can still cause damage to the wine inside. There should also be a sixty to seventy percent humidity level factored into the wine cellar design. Humidity is important because it helps to keep the cork in good condition, which in turn keeps out the harmful air. If the air is too dry, the cork can crack and let in air. If the air is too moist, the cork can mold or rot, which also lets air into the wine. The ventilation is also important in wine cellar design, since there is always some amount of air which will seep through the cork and any smells in the wine cellar can cause the wine to taste poorly.

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