If you are a beginner, a new Absinthe drinker, you will want to know "how do you serve Absinthe?". Absinthe is stronger than other liquor so it is used with iced water.

Absinthe is banned in many countries for being pshycoactive like cannabis. Many countries uses it.

Absinthe is prepared by two main methods: The Ritual,or La Louche which is traditional French method and the modern Bohemian method also known as the Czech Method. special preparation is required for Absinthe. Guide to prepare Absinthe using the two different methods:-

The Ritual Method

Method in the cultural history of Absinthe in France and Switzerland before the ban in the early 1900s.

For this method the need of equipment is as follows
– Absinthe
Use Absinthe glass
An Absinthe spoon is designed for use with Absinthe.
A cube of sugar is taken
Iced water for Absinthe.

The ritual recipe in use:-
Use Absinthe glass containing 25-50ml of Absinthe.
To place the sugar cube on Absinthe spoon rest it on top of the glass.
Set the tap on the fountain to a slow drip over the sugar cube. The sugar cube will slowly dissolve with water and mix into the Absinthe.
The drink will louche when water is mixed with Absinthe. Absinthe causes louche effect as it contains essential oils such as wormwood which are soluble in alcohol but not in water.
Stir to enjoy your Absinthe.

3:1 and 5:1 should be the ratio of water to Absinthe

"Glass in a Glass" method is an adaption of the Ritual method. With this method place a small glass containing the Absinthe into a larger glass. Remove the small glass as water and all of the Absinthe is in the larger glass.

The Bohemian Method

For this method you will need:-
– Absinthe
An Absinthe glass
– An Absinthe Spoon
A sugar cube
A lighter or match
Use iced water

Drop 25-50ml of Absinthe into the glass.
Soak the sugar cube in Absinthe and allow to rest on the spoon.
Set light to the sugar cube and allow it to caramelize, melt and drip into Absinthe.
To louche Absinthe iced water is added to it.

This method has become very popular in recent times especially in Absinthe bars in the Czech Republic. Many Absinthe drinkers scorn this method as it is not traditional.

Set alcohol alight carefully

Real essential oil is needed for Absinthe to louche. If you cannot buy quality bottled Absinthe you can buy essences from Absinthe Kit.com Top-quality, classic wormwood Absinthe is mixed with the distilled herb essence with vodka or Ever clear.

You can learn how to serve Absinthe and even use it in cocktails.

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