The Internet has seen the rise and fall of many online wine stores.

Today you will find a number of wine stores who are offering wine delivery via the Internet.

Many wine sites, noticing that there was a decline in online purchases, began investigating into the causes of the drop off in online sales.

A large amount of market and consumer research was undertaken to work out exactly what users wanted. A major flaw across many sites was that it was too difficult and too far to long to actually reach the purchasing stage.

Another problem was that users felt that there were too many steps involved in purchasing wine. Many sites have now managed to narrow this process down to as little as three clicks.

Findings have also determined that customers did not want to be limited to purchasing just wine online. Customers were also looking to buy a range of alcohol whether it was beer, spirits, local or international wine or liqueurs.

Feedback also highlighted that many shoppers were also concerned about the safe transportation of their wines. They were concerned that their wine would not be handled with due care during transport and whether the wine was covered in the event of breakage during transport.

Availability was also another concern that was raised amongst consumers. Stores were also finding that they were having a difficult time keepnig all featured wines in stock at all times. To overcome this problem, some wine retailers teamed up with local and other online stores, sourcing wine from various locations and maximizing the possibility that the wine is in stock when the consumers order it.

The final issue raised by online shoppers was that of internet security. Shoppers wanted to be confident that when they came to pay for their selection, that their payment details would be secure and confidential. In recent years, many wine stores have switched to taking Paypal and credit card transactions via the Internet, which thanks to secure payment software, are now the most popular methods of conducting online transactions.

The good news for consumers is that online wine sites are listening and have taken steps to address the consumer’s issues, making buying wine online an easy and streamlined process.

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