If wishes came true we would all be blessed with a heat regulated and air-purified wine cellar. This would provide an ideal environment for best aging and you’ll could rest assured their conditions would be stable. This is very rarely a reality however and the majority of us just try to make the best out of what we have. Here is some great advice for storing your wines safely.

Location. Your bottles, both white and red wine, are best placed in a cool room, away from the light and with moderate humidity levels. An ideal temperature to maintain your wines at is 10? to 16? C (50? to 61? F).Anything warmer than this will start to have negative effects on the quality of the wine, and a temp 25? C or more will have even more dramatic consequences on flavour. The wine can change colour if left in direct light and also increase in temperature. The humidity levels of the air found in the storage room can have dramatic effects on the cork, causing it to swell or contract. This can sometimes have the effect of letting air into the bottle and causing something called oxidation, an annoying situation that happens when the liquid is in contact with oxygen for extensive time.

Positioning. The bottles should be laid down flat or with the neck very slightly higher when being stored. This is down to the fact that if there is no liquid in contact with the body of the cork for a sustained period of time it will dry out and contract. These again can lead to oxidation as mentioned before.

Display. You don't allows want your wines tucked away in a dark room. Sometimes you want to display them and show them off. A good choice is often wooden wine cabinets due to the fact these tend to maintain a steady temperature and always go for one that lets you store your wines on their side.Don’t pick any that have a glass cover or doors as they can often trap heat inside when there is light on them.

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