The Californian wine makers E&J Gallo think they have spotted a gap in the market and have made a wine range aimed at men.Wine has classically had the image of being a drink for the ladies but E&J Gallo think they can change this will good branding. The launch of the new range comes after news that they will be cutting back on their volumes of wine production in 2009 by taking part in less discount offers by retailers. They will instead look to make more trustworthy and “reliable” bottles of wine that people can buy in the credit crunch at not risk getting anything unexpected.

The range, which is aimed at 35-65 year olds and is called ‘Redwood Creek’ is hoped to appeal to men who like the outdoor lifestyle.It is not aiming to venture into the extreme sports of even very active sports markets but instead aims at appealing to those who they would consider “active in nature”. Fishing, hiking, camping and hunting are activities that have been cited as inspiration and Gallo is looking to dominate the whole domain. They have already created links with the woodland trust, the Tourist Board of California,Riedel Glasses and clothing label 'Regatta'. Linking with partner organisations like this is something that has seen good success in America and they hope the UK will be the same.

The new range includes a Chardonnay and two reds, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Merlot. Iain Newell marketing director for Europe has said that the new wine charms the very soul, with a rugged quality and a rich taste. "They will be everything you associate with nature and activity" states Newell, "freshness, passion and full flavours" are all qualities that this wine holds.It seems from early statistics in the States that the long hours and large sums of money that were put into the market research for this venture have been paying off. It’s idea that is definitely working.

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