Hosting a wine tasting is a great way to explore the characteristics of different wines. Wine tasting involves the sensory evaluation of wine, and includes noting the color, aroma and the taste and feel of the wine on the palate with the aim of assessing the quality of the wine and its suitability for aging or drinking now. While you explore the different characteristics of the wine you will discover its many facets plus you’ll notice any faults that the wine may posess. The other purpose of a wine tasting party is fun.

In order to properly assess a wine's quality, you need to gauge the overall complexity of its aroma and flavor. You’ll pay attention to such factors as intensity of flavor, fruit characters, sweetness or acidity as well as noticing how long the flavor of the wine remains in the mouth after tasting which determines the length of the finish.

Wine tasting is a fun and enjoyable experience, and one that you should definitely try out for yourself if you have not already. You can either hold wine tasting in your own home or the home of a wine loving friend, or you and a group can attend one of the many companies that offer wine tasting sessions. If you have a home wine cellar, then holding a wine tasting is a wonderful way of entertaining fellow wine lovers.

If you don’t feel comfortable in choosing the wines yourself for the tasting there are companies that offer to organize these events for you. If you’d prefer to taste the wines from just one wine region you can arrange a tasting at a vineyard. An organized wine tasting can be both educational and enjoyable.

Holding a wine tasting event will add depth to your existing wine knowledge, give you an opportunity to taste a range of wines, learn about starting a wine cellar and wine growing regions.

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