Selecting the right wine really depends upon personal tastes. You can do research on the various vineyards, what was a good year for a particular wine, etc. but the bottom line is what do you like. We have listed a few things to look for in a really great wine below to try to make your next purchase a successful one.

1. The White Wines: Most commonly served as the first course, these wines do not have a really strong flavor, therefore leaving the taste buds relatively unaffected for the next course. Do not be afraid to ask the wine salesman for his advice. They will know exactly what year and which grape is best at this time.

The Cadillac of the whites would be a sparkling champagne. A good champagne would be served at only those very special events in one’s life.

2. The Reds: Now you are ready to serve that special dish you have worked on all day and planned especially for your dearest friends you must choose just the right wine. This is when you go for the full bodied red. One of the most popular is a Merlot wine. Being a lighter red but still full bodied it is perfect for saute’ed chicken, grilled pork or roasted lamb.

A really nice red wine produced mostly in Oregon is the Pinot Noir. With its blend of plum, vanilla and blackberry flavors it would be a nice addition to any meal.

The peppery flavor of the Shiraz would be a great accompaniment to spicy Mexican or Italian meal. This is another wine that would also go well with a meal of beef or pork.

Italian food with its hearty and robust tomato sauces requires a Chianti. A Chianti can range in price and quality. You may be able to find one that is rather inexpensive but the quality is perfect for you.

A robust Burgundy would be the red to choose for a fine standing rib roast or delicate filet mignon.

Your main concern when serving your friends a fine meal is that they are happy and enjoying the dinner. Everyone will have their own opinions of what is a good wine. Make sure you have a couple of different white wines and a few different reds. This way they can taste and choose for themselves. You could have an impromptu wine tasting.

If you are a true wine connoisseur you may want to experiment with your own creations. Producing your own wine at home can be quite rewarding. You can make a variety of fruit wines that would actually be a great addition with most desserts. If you would like to learn more about making wine visit Fruit Wine Making

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