A wine refrigerator will store your wine in prime condition, whether you are an avid wine collector or just like to have a few bottles on hand for a party. With capacities ranging from eight bottles up to 800 bottles, wine cooler refrigerators can be located on or under a kitchen cabinet or or be placed against a wall as a piece of furniture, with many choices in between. Dual zone wine refrigerators are also available and can be used to keep different styles of wines at different temperatures for storage or drinking.

For those without the space to build a wine cellar for wine storage a wine refrigerator can provide an ideal solution. A compact undercounter wine refrigerator will keep wines at the ideal wine temperature and it should be remembered that even those wines that are best served at room temperature should be stored in a cool environment to protect the integrity of the wine.

The advantage of a dual zone wine refrigerator lies is its ability to store different types of wines at different temperatures within the same wine cooler unit. It is recommended that white wines be stored between 46 and 54 degrees F and red wines at 54 to 64 degrees F. In addition to offering optimum temperature control, a wine refrigerator will also maintain the ideal humidity for wine storage.

The Best Way To Store Wine

All wine lovers understand that they must look after their wines and treat them with respect; this includes avoiding any vibration of the bottles to protect the wine. All quality wine refrigerators will be free from vibration and some of the better wine refrigerators will have LED lighting in the interior to further protect the wine from deterioration.

Even a low wattage bulb can increase the temperature in an enclosed space like a wine refrigerator. Wines should ideally be stored in darkness, so the use of LED lights that do not emit any appreciable heat will assist in creating a cooler and darker environment. However, it is always recommended that you only open the wine refrigerator when necessary.

Most wine refrigerators have metal racks on which the bottles can lie tilted slightly towards the opening end to ensure the corks remain in contact with the wine. Regardless of the space available for a wine refrigerator, tall, slender units that can hold up to a dozen bottles or larger furniture-sized units with a capacity of many hundreds of bottles can protect the wines from environmental hazards that can alter their taste, hasten their aging and reduce their overall appeal.

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