by Mara Hernandez-Capili

A party is always never complete without a glass of wine. Researches prove that a glass of wine can improve and enlighten a persons mood. Wines have many uses. It is used as an inviting and alcoholic drink or beverage to contribute merriment among parties. It is also used in kitchens as a secret recipe and flavor enhancer to culinary creations. Wines are also used as medicines in the form of antiseptic in some countries. It is sometimes used to dress up a wound because of its alcoholic properties. It is also known that a glass of red wine can help cure heart disease.

Wine is generally from the extracts of fresh grapes that are fermented by yeast. The process involves fermentation by breaking down the sugar levels (glucose) of the fruit resulting to its alcoholic content. Wines are typically stored in wood barrels that are manufactured and prepared well to avoid leaks. Barrels are stored in cellars for years. The longer the wine has been fermented, the better and more expensive it can be.

Wine tasting is the act of tasting wine to know its composition, quality and character. Wine tasting is primarily done to know the character or classify wines. Wines are tasted in terms of the 5 S: swirl, see, sip, sniff, and savor . Swirl is the actual consistency of the wine. See is the wines quality in terms of its color. The wine is usually placed on a white background for the taster to see the color extensively. The wine’s sip is in terms of its taste, which is actually quite its most important character. The sniff is its attribute on its smell and the aroma is its attribute on its after taste.

Other varieties of wine include rice wine which is a strach based variety. Almost any kind of fruit in season can be used to make wine, not just grapes. Wine tasters commonly taste up to 22 types of wine at one to escape from its obvious effect of intoxication. Some wine tasters usually spit the wine after tasting it through the use of a spittoon.

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