Alpine Modular Wine Rack

Alpine modular wine rack, DR + X, stackable and expandable. Antique honey oak finishFeatures:Stylish way to display your favorite bottles of wineStackable and expandable.Holds about 4 bottles & 9 bottles Chrome hardwareAntique Oak FinishDimensions: 16.5″W x 13″D x 34″H
List Price: $ 210.00
Price: $ 167.99

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Proman Products

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Question by Tyra: Can I use white wine instead of Rice wine?
Im planning to cook a puoltry dish. And I only have Carlo Rossi California white wine here. Is it ok to use instead of rice wine?
What do you mean by dry wine too?
The recipe calls for a rice wine and mine here is a CRISP WHITE WINE. Is it applicable?

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Answer by tex
i’m not a cook, but give it a try, if you don’t like it, don’t do it again.

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Question by pappa_1946: Is Secondary fermentation necessary for making wine at home?
Is Secondary fermentation necessary for making wine at home?

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Answer by wineduchess
Not necessary at all if you are happy with your results.

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Question by kelseybecutee: why before some songs does it say red wine?
before the songs just dance by lady gaga and fashion by heidi montag both say red wine and i dont get why because there different artists and it has nothing to do with the song. and i dont think the producer is red wine either

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Answer by Darth Maul Loves Classic Rock
Ever heard of punctuation or grammar?

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