Black with “Merlot” Rub through Wine Cabinet

This Wine Cabinet is an ideal piece for a wine enthusiast. Crafted with Black with “Merlot” rub through finish, this cabinet can properly store 16 bottles of wine. A single drawer is an ideal place to store wine tools and amenities. This cabinet also includes a removable tray that is perfect for carrying your drinks and snacks to another area of your home. Some assembly required.Features: Removable tray top allows you to carry drinks and snacks to other areas of your home.Single drawer with pull16-Bottle CapacityBlack FinishSome assembly requiredDimensions: 24″ x 12-1/2″ x 37-1/2″ tall
List Price: $ 245.00
Price: $ 203.99

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Powell Company

Question by Clayton Lynn: Looking for a wine without that bitter wine taste.?
I am wondering if there is a wine or wines out there that lack the wine taste, that bitter alcohol bite. Maybe some sweet wines or whatnot. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
The alcohol bite is that tang that most wines i have tasted have. That bitter taste on your tongue when you drink it. It could be because I have no experience with good wine, or even different wines. I have only had a couple different kinds. However, working in a wine bottling company, every time i broke one, the same smell that i associate with that bitter taste was almost always present. Though i have only tasted cheap wines and whatnot, so my experience is nill. Thank you again.

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Answer by Hank
You have to describe better what you men by “bitter alcoholic bite.” And are you referring to red wines, white wines or both? I suspect its dry red wines mostly, with alcohol more thn 12%. Try something with less alcohol, which is fruity, like a Beaujolais, for red; try German whites or reislings from elsewhere. Also, there are indeed many sweet wines – cream sherry, Rivsaltes, ports and others but many are not low alcohol. But try one and maybe you’ll find that it is not the alcohol so much as the tannins and other components of full bodied dry reds.

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Question by Fluffy ?: Would you say Shiraz red wine is…?
A light or heavy wine??

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Answer by Sauce Monster
It certainly falls within the ‘heavy’ spectrum.

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Question by Tiger: Why is the phrase so common ‘Sweet like wine’?
After all, wine is not sweet at all! There were other things that could be drawn into the comparison. But why has the imaginary sweetness of wine become so popular in developing the phrase?

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Answer by Lei
Wine can be sweet.

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