12-Bottle Natural Bamboo Wine Rack

Made with 100% eco-friendly bamboo, the 12-Bottle Bamboo Wine Rack from Oceanstar Design Collection is the ideal fit for wine enthusiasts or starters beginning their wine collection. Present this wine rack to someone special or as a wonderful housewarming and Christmas gift. Its modern design is an ideal complement to any home decor and countertop. Your houseguests will surely be impressed by the beautiful display of your collection.Features: Holds 12 bottlesEfficiently maximize storage spaceComplements and matches any home and countertop designModern design and displayGreat as a giftWine bottles are not included in the Oceanstar wine rackSome assembly requiredNet Weight: 2 lbsDimensions: 15.75″H x 5.75″D x 11.75″W
List Price: $ 37.95
Price: $ 37.95

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Oceanstar

Question by ~*Nicky*~: What’s the difference between red wine and white wine?
Really, what is the difference between red wine and white wine because they all taste the same to me. What kind of wine do you like?

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Answer by EDDIE D
I know this, one is red and one is white.

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Question by shin_no_suke: Where do you find info delicious wine?
Is there famous wine site? wine SNS? I wanna visit specialized wine site.
I wanna know the popular site!!

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Answer by ALISON H

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Question by Natale: What is the ingredient that made wine last long?
What makes grape become wine/alcohol?

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Answer by Stan Dalone
Grape juice turns to wine when it’s fermented by yeasts, which consume the fermentable sugars in the juice and excrete ethyl alcohol and CO2. Red wines last a long time because they contain tannins, which are absent in white wine–which doesn’t have nearly the shelf life of red.

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