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Features:Slatted wine storage shelf.Hanging stemware channels.Solid ash and oak veneers.Knockdown.Blackened, metal ware pull.Durable wood drawer box and guides.Canted post with wedge corbel.Slate finish.Dimensions:13″W x 36″L x 30″H
List Price: $ 229.00
Price: $ 229.00

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Leick Furniture

The Civil Wars - Poison & Wine (Lyric Video)

Lyrics video for Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars, from their album Barton Hollow. Absolutely adore this song! Created using Adobe After Effects ? No copyrig…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by ravi 99: What are things kept in mind while doing paring of food & wine?
Body of wine, Spice level of food.

Best answer:

Answer by David C
I look at spice first, robustness of the dish second and my guests’ preference a close third. I have developed a few rules to make it simpler.
Shelfish – I prefer champaign for a delicate dish, Sav Blanc for most applications, and sweeter wines if there is a lot of heat. Fruity Sav’s or even an Alborino are neat for ceviche’
Burgers or ribs- I like a more rustic red like a Rhone style or even a beaujolaise villages
Steaks- Always a Cab.
Fin Fish- Really depends on the fish, but Pinot Noir is a fevorite for heavy Salmon and a sauce, while a Pinot Griggio works with a striped bass or even talapia.
Italian food -sangiovese of course
Spicy foods – Reislings
Chicken – Chards and Pinot Noirs work. (an Oregon Pinot and an herb roasted chicken are heaven together. )

How’s that for a start.

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Question by Ry Ry: What wine would be best to cook with?
I want to cook chicken with wine. Which kind of wine would be best to use? Red wine or white wine?

Best answer:

Answer by Cameran Rezling
Try for a red wine vinegrette, that would turn out delicious!

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Question by futureunknown: Question about wine glasses, can you help please?
I know that the shape of a wine glass is better for certain wines depending on the wine.
But, does the thickness or the thiness of a wine glass have an value of importance?

Best answer:

Answer by Erik H
not as far as I know. search for glass types for alcohol and you’ll get a ton of stuff, some glasses are made to be able to smell the certain type of alcohol better for example.

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