Mission Wine Stand – Russet

Features:Slatted wine storage shelf.Hanging stemware channels.Solid ash and oak veneers.Knockdown.Blackened, metal ware pull.Durable wood drawer box and guides.Canted post with wedge corbel.Russet finish.Dimensions:13″W x 36″L x 30″H
List Price: $ 229.00
Price: $ 229.00

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Leick Furniture

Question by Stephanie: good wine with good taste about 100.00?
red wine and white wine with sweet taste and good taste

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Answer by Big D
you don’t have to spend a $ 100 on a bottle of good wine, red or white. my husband and I have been on the hunt for the best red wine for under $ 5 so that you can have it every week instead of only special occasions. we found L'Authentique from Trader Joes pretty darn good for $ 5 and two buck chucks are good too. don’t waist your money in this economy :0

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Question by kabir: Is it okay to drink refrigerated cold wine?
Red wine.

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Answer by Jim

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Question by paganmom: White cooking wine vs. sweetened white rice wine?
So…can I substitute rice wine for cooking wine in a chicken and rice recipe?
Nope, it’s not vinegar. I figured it would be a bit sweet, but I already started and didn’t realize I had no white wine left. So, the rice wine went in and we’ll see how it goes.

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Answer by Luv2Cook
If the sweetened white rice wine is not a rice wine vinegar, yes you can. It sill be a little sweet so you may need to add a spice to off set the sweetness. White wine tends to be dryer and lends to wonderful flavor in many dishes. If it is a rice wine vinegar, it might not work, be a little to tart.

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