by Georgia Sutherland

Making your own wine is a hobby that is growing quickly. There’s a variety of reasons for this.

First, the information on how to make wine, and recipes for wine making have been easier and easier to obtain. Many books and how to manuals have been published just this past year.

One other reason is that making your own wine can be a lot less expensive than purchasing wine in the store.You can make wine for pennies per bottle. Big difference from the ever increasing prices of commercial wine.

And then there is the most important reason of all. Making your own wine is really gratifying and plain old fun. Sipping your perfectly fermented fruit or grape wine that you prepared and nursed, and followed from cleaning the fruit to racking, bottling and now drinking is just nourishment for the soul.

Home made wine can be a wonderful and one of a kind gift, of course in a beautiful bottle and with your own label. Having friends and family over for wine tastings of various wines you have made is another fun aspect of home wine making.

If you are new at wine making you can get started in a very simple way. No need for fancy equipment or gadgets. You need only a few simple things such as a fermentation vessel, which can be a five gallon bucket, an air lock, and some tubing. Some of these things can probably be found around the house.

Basically, there are three levels of making your own wine.

1. Purchasing a wine kit. Here everything is included, you need only follow the instructions.

2.Making wine from fruit juices.

3. Using fresh fruits and berries to make your wine.

Once you make your first batch of wine there is no going back. The satisfaction of sipping your own home made wine is simply delicious.

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