600-Model Dual-Zone Wine Cabinet – 2 Cooling Units

600-Model Dual-Zone Wine Cabinet (2 Cooling Units)Features:Reserve Series – Wood Wine CabinetsRegular Series White Oak Wood Exterior, 3 3/4″ Redwood and Aluminum Racks, Piano Hinge, Rear Exhaust, Locks and Factory Finish are IncludedApproximate Bottle Capacity: 200/200Weight: 440 lbsDimensions: 51″W x 29″D x 88″H
List Price: $ 4,869.95
Price: $ 4,869.95

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Vinotemp

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Question by Zacchaeus: Is all Greek wine really strong?
I like strong wine, but what do you eat with it?
I’ve had some good greek wine. It knocked my socks off. But it is by no means light. Keep in mind, my favourite beer is Guinness, and I drink my espresso black.

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Answer by KHITHA
i think some r strong and others r not

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Question by Allixandria W: best tasting non alcoholic wine ever?
Want to include a non alcoholic wine and am wondering wha is the best tasting non alcoholic wine. Something that makes you go ” mmmmmmmmmmm mama mia”

Best answer:

Answer by lynn
Welches Grape Juice

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Question by Annaliese: I need a fruity wine help?
Anyone know a good lite fruity wine? I hate bitter wines, so I need something more fruity, suggestions?

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Answer by Hank Hill
Boone’s Farm

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