440-Model Formica Wine Cabinet With 2 Insulated Doors

440-Model Formica Wine Cabinet with 2 Insulated DoorsFeatures:Reserve Series – Wood Wine CabinetsRegular Series White Oak Wood Exterior, 3 3/4″ Redwood and Aluminum Racks, Piano Hinge, Rear Exhaust, Locks and Factory Finish are IncludedApproximate Bottle Capacity: 280Weight: 370 lbsDimensions: 38″W x 29″D x 82″H
List Price: $ 3,881.95
Price: $ 3,881.95

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Vinotemp

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Question by Joe: Have you ever drank wine out of anything other than a wine glass?
why is drinking it out a wine glass so important? Why should it matter?

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Answer by Clarence Oddbody
I drink my mad dog out of bottle and a brown paper bag like a man!

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Question by Candy: what is a wine aerator? My uncle told me to get one for my wine.?
what is a wine aerator?

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Answer by barbara
Your pour the wine through it to add oxygen-serves the same purpose as letting wine “breathe” but more quickly. Aerating the wine enhances flavor.

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Question by Mary Mary Jane: Coctail or Wine ………..which do you Prefer ????????
or does it depend on your mood ?????
Or do you want straight liqueur ?

I’m having wine tonight,…. just wanted some opinions.

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Answer by cma80
wine please

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