91-2120 Deer Wine Holder

Deer Wine HolderFeatures: Material: compositeDimensions: 10″L x 9″W x 15″
List Price: $ 94.00
Price: $ 94.00

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Sterling Industries

Wine Gum Experiment

http://charliemcdonnell.com I think if you live in a country with Wine Gums then this will interest you greatly. I think if you live in a country without Win…

Question by should be working: A good wine flight?
I wanted to put together a wine flight for a party–preferrably white wine. (tasting of wine samples that are similar and complement one another) Any suggestions??

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Answer by Doc Hollywood
Sorry but Flying and Wine drinking dont mix!!!! LOL

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Question by Overprotective Mom: I have a jug of wine, what drinks can I mix rose wine with?
What alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks can I mix some rose wine (in a jug) with?

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Answer by busybaker
Wine coolers. Mix wine and 7 Up or Sprite to taste. Figure about 1/4 to 1/3 wine to the soda.

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Question by mantywoc: Wine Bottles?
What is the average measurements of wine bottles ? I have been asked to build a wine rack and need to know.

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Answer by Angel M
Get a couple of empties for hands on information. You can empty them yourself too lucky you ! They have two average sizes with a couple of odd shaped bottles here where I live we have 750 mil and 1.5 my favorite .
Hope that helps O_- I want a wine rack too a really big one
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