by Tori Mitchell

Wine making process can be explained in a simplistic way. First the barrels of grapes are squeezed to form pulp which is allowed to go through a process called fermentation after which you will get the real wine.

Wine making can be simple for people who have patience and are interested in making wine at home. I would suggest however, if you are not at all interested in making wine or have very thin patience then this may not be for you. The wine making process has become more simplistic with new various wine making methods becoming available. It is up to you to decide whether you are going to make the wine making process easy or hard on yourself.

Make sure to plant your favorite or desired fruit you would like to use for your wine making process. If your fruit or berries are at the time where they are ready to be harvested make sure to harvest them right to protect your fruit. Harvesting time for your fruit or berries will vary depending on the fruit that you are using because no one fruit or berry may have the same harvesting time. Every fruit has it’s own maturing time from when it is ready for harvest. And remember, there will be times when you are producing your wine where you will need to know the fruits acidity content and sugar levels because these could play a role in what steps you’re going to have to take next in producing your wine.

In order to first start your wine making process you need to juice the berries by crushing them with some type equipment or by using the traditional way of your feet. After getting out the juice from the fruit the next step is to boil them, then they will need to be soaked. And there is a number of ways how you can do this.

You can calculate just about, the number of gallons of wine you will be able to produce with the berries or fruit that you have harvested. A rough calculation that people usually use, for example, is to make five gallons of wine you will have to use fifty pounds of ripened grapes. Your wine making process needs these sort of calculations in order for you to produce delicious homemade wine.

When making your own wine, wine making equipment could be very useful and sometimes required. As stated above, crushing the grapes with your feet has been a long tradition when making wine at home. Some people however, prefer to use the newest in technological advances because it makes this step faster and easier, not to mention cleaner.

Once the crushing of the berries is over, then we need to include the wine yeast. Please be sure that you are only using wine yeast and not bread yeast. add the yeast is one of the most important steps to the wine making process. This is how we turn the sugar into alcohol. Once you have put the yeast in with the grapes then we need to let it site for 2 days. You will notice during this time that a fizz will start to form. One the 3rd or 4th day, the fizz will start to go away and now we have to separate the juice from all the stems and seeds.

Now you can pour the wine into an empty barrel and make sure air doesn’t enter into it. After two to three weeks you can get a batch of good wine after adding necessary sugars etc…

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