89-8015 Linen Covered Wine Holder

Linen Covered Wine HolderFeatures: Material: wood / linenFinish: linen / chocolate /Dimensions: 5″L x 14.5″W x 6.5″
List Price: $ 82.00
Price: $ 82.00

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Sterling Industries

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Question by Lalila: Do I drink too much wine?
I am a lil bit of a dinker, I am a single 24 yr old fml, and I have been known to drink up to 2 bottles of wine on a night out. I do get drunk, don’t worry, I don’t drive or have kids, but do I drink way too much wine? I mean… I am not innocent, or a “bad girl”… am I?

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Answer by Eye_Mac
You might be drinking too much wine, you could come over some evening and we could get a better handle on whether you drink too much and we could find out whether you fit in the “innocent” or “bad girl” category ?

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Question by thenewme: Wine to go with vegitarian sushi?
I am having a dinner party and making vegitarian sushi. What are a couple good wines to have with the dinner? Wanting a few choices so they can try a couple with them…

thanks in advance

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Answer by Kevin Anthony
Saki, or plum wine, delish.

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Question by Amber: Can Sherry wine be used instead of red wine?
Many times my recipes are vague,asking for red wine but not more specific than that. Is there a wine that is just called Red cooking wine? Or does the recipe mean any red wine that people drink? Or do they mean Sherry wine?Thank you.

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Answer by Alice
Yes, you can buy generic red wine for cooking in the grocery aisle of the supermarket. But any half decent red wine is fine.

Sherry and red wine do not taste the same and are not the same thing. I would use sherry in cream of crab soup and red wine in beef stew.

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