Sheet Metal Wood Wine Rack 16″H, 15″W

Size: 15″x11″x16″ Made with solid wood and iron alloy
List Price: $ 49.95
Price: $ 49.95

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
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Question by beebum: Palm Wine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If you’ve tasted it before which american wine is like it?
Is it as alcoholic as other wines?

(my parents are from nigeria so we buy palm wine from the african store. and i haven’t tasted many wines)

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Answer by Dr. Strongrod
The alcohol content is similar to domestic wines. As for a similar wine i would try dandelion.

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Question by Booper: burgundy wine sweet or dry?
Is burgundy wine sweet or dry

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Answer by CharP

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Question by seawolf: are you a wine snob( glass only-red with meat -white with fish etc )or just enjoy the wine (plastic cups -red?
wine with everything etc )

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Answer by barbie
not a snob, love a good bottle of wine but not that pedantic, life’s too short

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