Sheet Metal Wine Holder 26″H, 12″W

Size: 12″x8″x26″ Made with iron alloy and solid wood
List Price: $ 44.99
Price: $ 44.99

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Benzara

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Question by Theory: White wine dream meaning? :S?
I had a dream last night that I went to this girl’s house who I have never been particularly fond of. She recently had a baby, and we were sitting on her couch. There were other people with us and we were on other couches and such.

I had a glass of white wine in my hand and a woman who must have been her grandmother tossed the bottle of white wine at me, catching me off guard, and I dropped the glass on the floor. The white wine in the glass started staining the purple carpet with yellow splotches and the wine glass broke on the floor but there was no glass.

I was going between crying and apologizing while saying I would pay for the floor to be recarpeted, and screaming and being angry while smashing whine glasses on the floor.

What could this dream have meant?

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Answer by Jemma G
white wine represents honest friendship.

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Question by spooky1: Red wine mixed with lemonade – a good mix?
What else can be mixed with red wine?
Great ideas coming through and going on my list.!
Just having a red wine and lemonade now – kind of interesting, cool, little bit fizzy – it is…….ok!.

My main reason for trying this is to cut down on the alcohol content whilst still feeling like I have had a drink you see.

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Answer by Jenny
I like to mix ginger ale or sparkling water with ice,it tastes like a wine spritzer, if u like white wine, add a shot of peachtree schnapps.enjoy.

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Question by anna: Wines for goose?
What wines pair well w/ goose?

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Answer by raroo99
i bought a plum saki for a duck recently , very good

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