Steele Wines Out Kaste Red 2010 750ml

– Steele Wines Out Kaste Red 2010 750ml – Lake County
List Price: $ 20.44
Price: $ 20.44

Merchant: Saratoga Wine Exchange
Brand: Steele Wines

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Question by : Questions for wine host?
I’m interviewing a talk show host who has a wine programs. As a wine neophyte, I was hoping some of you would suggest some questions. The radio show is based in Southern California, near sideways area.

The focus is really about how the show came about, why he started it (he doesn’t have a formal education in wine), how he became a wine enthusiast, and a little bit about his guests.

The audience (our readership) are people who live in a wine valley, in Santa Barbara. They’re generally middle-aged, older–reflective of the demographics of the area. The only problem I have is that I know little about wine varietals, and my wine vocabularly is very slim!

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Answer by greg s
what is your question?


your answer
go to a wine bar spend some money, ask questions, taste, compare, enjoy!

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Question by MJ: Red wine Similar to Ribena?
Generally I am not a fan of wine.

However, I was having drinks with some friends at a children’s birthday party of a couple of weeks ago and a couple of the girls mentioned a specific wine that tasted much more like Ribena than your typical red wine.
I intended on giving this wine a try but have completely forgotten the name of it!

Does anybody know of a wine that is sold in Australia that tastes similar to Ribena?
Thanks Daisy.
Do you know of a particular brand though? That’s really what I’m after.

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Answer by Daisy Bacler
I am into wine and the closest wine that tastes like ribena to me would be Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Question by Raven: Best Armenian Wine?
What is the best wine from Armenia? I usually like sweet wine but would rather hear your opinions.

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Answer by rob2ca20
The best wines are the big reds from Napa Valley. The prices have become outrageous in the last few years. Everybody make a reserve for at least a $ 100.00. These wine are special. The big Napa fruit is special.

Of these, there are a few small wineries that dominate with height ratings. There prices are beyond what I think is reasonable for a bottle of wine. They also hard to get.

Wine Spectator is good source for information on ratting wines.

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