Vintage Vineyard Wine And Stemware Rack

This hangable wine rack is built with matured wood featuring a vineyard label. The rack holds 6 bottles of wine, while stemware racks beneath the bottles also hold up to 12 glasses at a time. An ideal size to enjoy any spur of the moment get together. A perfect thing to hang in the kitchen or dining room to always have wine nearby.Features:Made of metalSize:25″x10″x14″
List Price: $ 49.95
Price: $ 49.95

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Benzara

Northern Brewer demonstrates the first steps of making wine at home. In this “Starting a Wine Kit” video you learn about winemaking equipment, the contents o…

Question by Neil G: Christians Did Jesus make Juice or Wine?
I am confused my SDA aunt tells me it was Juice but in the bible it says wine please help me

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Answer by Halee
if the bible says wine then its wine

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Question by Blue R: Would you choose water over wine?
In addition to being the lyrics to Drive by Incubus, would you rather drink water or wine?

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Answer by ??z?d (R)
water – wine has drawbacks ?

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Question by ledy c: are christians not to drink wine?
are christian allowed to drink wine

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Answer by scarlettrhett
Of course! What do you think the priest is drinking during communion? Root beer???

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