Cultivate Wines The Feast Red 2010 750ml

– Cultivate Wines The Feast Red 2010 750ml –
List Price: $ 25.94
Price: $ 25.94

Merchant: Saratoga Wine Exchange
Brand: Cultivate Wines

jeff buckley!

Question by Lexi Grisham: Help with what kind of wine?
I’m not really familiar with wine but I have a huge date and were sittin under the stars. I wanna bring some wine but most wine I’ve had was quite nasty (dark red) my town is known for there wine. What type should I look for if I want it sweet? Also can you give me some info on wine? Seems like an interesting topic

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Answer by Sam
My favorite semi-sweet wine is chardonnay. Lambrusco is a pretty good sparkling red.

If you want something really good and interesting, try a fruit lambic. It’s technically a beer, but it’s closer to wine in flavor, and I love it. Lindeman’s is a safe bet.

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