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First discovered by the Native Americans, popcorn is a vegetable and can be good to eat both with salt/pepper treat or as a dessert; it has a very good taste and it will go with just about anything if you have imagination. It was first discovered in America and was first enjoyed by the tourists who came crosswise the Atlantic on the Mayflower. You can offer it to your guests at a party or when you meet near and dear or friends in a more quiet atmosphere. You can try these recipes at will and choose the best out of them as you like it.

Bacon-Cheese Popcorn method – This method is a great one if you need filling or salty type Popcorn. It is the mixture of three flavors and that makes this treat yummy and tasty. The three are cheese, Popcorn and bacon. You have to take popped Popcorn(four quarts), liquefied butter (half of a cup), seasoned salt(half teaspoon), Hickory salt (smoked), some bacon bits and American cheese(half cup). This Popcorn is very tasty when it’s hot so you have to work fast. After finishing the make of Popcorn, pour the liquefied butter on top of the Popcorn, shake over the remaining items in and continuously throw them in until mixed very well.

Recipe of Popcorn for Beach Party If you are ready to make Popcorn for a beach party, then you need a third cup of butter, dip a small amount of Onion-bacon, a teaspoon of soy paste, a drop of hot pepper sauce, two cups of tested snacks and two quarts of popped popcorn; getting the maximum taste is all about tossing the warm popcorn with ingredients – then the mix is ready to be served.

Chocolate Caramel popcorn recipe – This is an excellent way to prepare a delicious sweet snack for friends or family. This is a simple method, you just take two big boxes of the some kind and a strike of dark chocolate. Melt the chocolate and keep the popcorn on top of it. You can eat as it is or serve after being kept in the refrigerator. This is one of the delicious sweet popcorn recipes.

So these are 3 excellent ideas for delighting your loved ones with popcorn; put a little passion into preparing them and everything should work out ok.

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