Wood Wine Holder 14″W, 6″H Unique Home Accents

Made with treated wood Size: 14″x9″x6″
List Price: $ 49.95
Price: $ 49.95

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Benzara

Question by Baby Jack born 4/5/09: Whats a sweeter wine?
red wine or merlot?

Best answer:

Answer by jst
Well, merlot is a type of red wine…if you’re referring to cabernet sauvignon, then merlot is a little sweeter… it generally has a higher sugar content. Although of course this may vary based on the vineyard.

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Question by Jennifer: Anyone a WINE drinker? If so, Please help?
I am looking for a good wine, I wanna try. I never had drink wine before, but willing to try wine that is worth the money.

Any of you would preferred a wine, that is worth the money?

Best answer:

Answer by H
Cupcake Vineyards Red Velvet


Pinot Grigio & Chianti Classico by Santa Margherita (spelling)

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Question by : are wine hangover the worst?
I had a lot of wine last night like about 2 bottles and after eating this morning my stomach has been really upset the rest of the day. it’s 640pm now. it was pretty cheap chardonnay (like 3.50). are wine hangover worse than beer cuz this sucks. its mainly just my stomach not head

Best answer:

Answer by whatquestions
Ohhhh, yes. Cheap wine hangovers are terrible. I get an enormous headache and want to lie in bed with an ice pack on my head all day. Drink as much water as you can stomach to get rid of it.

I’ve learned that certain brands of wine give me more of a hangover than others. And certain types within certain brands. Find a cheap wine that doesn’t make you sick the next day, and stick with it.

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