If you are looking for an easy, step-by-step wine making guide "Delicious Wine Making Made Easy" by Scott Young is it! This book is not only easy to read it also contains all the information you will need to create a successful batch of your own wine at home - on your first try.

After reading the very first chapter you will discover that Scott is well versed in the area of making home made wine. This is a very well written, well organized and well thought out book where each chapter is divided into “lessons."

Chapter one contains your first three lessons. In lesson one you are given detailed information for gathering and purchasing just the right equipment to guarantee a great batch of wine. In lesson two Scott fills you in on some "common sense" tips such as:

o Finding the best place to make and store your wine.
o Having all of your supplies together.
o Giving yourself enough time.
o Having a bucket of sanitizer ready as you need to place items into it.
o Having a chair or a stool handy.
o Having a stool, counter or table to set items on.
o The importance of strictly following instructions.
o Clean up your mess.
o The two ultimate determining success factors for your wine.

Lesson three contains suggestions and recommendations for choosing just the right wine making items for the type of wine you want to make.

Reading each chapter vigilantly is crucial to ending up with a great bottle of homemade wine. After you have finished the fermentation and bottling process and have shared your wine with your friends, you will want to quickly begin your next batch. In the last three chapters Scott offers ways to raise the bar on you next winemaking attempt.

The appendix contains thoughts and ideas for hosting a wine tasting. You are given tips for evaluating and ranking wines.

I am excited to have this book available at my fingertips as a reference guide for product tips, for recipe ideas and for trouble shooting when I run into problems. Using this book practically guarantees making a great bottle of home made wine a success.

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