New York Collection Bordeaux Wine Glass – Set of 6

New York Collection Bordeaux Wine GlassDimensions:Height: 9.75″ Width: 3.75″ Oz: 22
List Price: $ 49.00
Price: $ 49.00

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Stolzle

Question by : is rice cooking wine and rice wine vinegar the same thing?
i have rice cooking wine and a recipe calls for rice wine vinegar is there such a difference i cant substitute the rice cooking wine instead or do i have to go get the rice wine vinegar?

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Answer by Punartham
both are in the same generic family, but slightly different

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Question by Spec321: Memorizing a Wine list?
I just got a job at Outback Steakhouse and i am near the end of my training but i know NOTHING about wine!

I dont know much about the beer and alcohol either but i think the wine is the most important considering it is a steak house.

How does one go about memorizing and recommending wines?

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Answer by Amy
It’ll definitely take some time to learn about the whole wine list, so you might want to start with the ones that people order the most frequently – probably the ones offered by the glass. If you have an opportunity to taste them, maybe at the end of your shift from a bottle that’s open – it’ll be a great way to have a reference point about what that wine’s like.

It might also help to learn a few basics about wine – one of my favorite books to learn from is Kevin Zraly’s “Windows on the World” wine course. This will help you understand which varieties are light-bodied or full-bodied, or fruity versus dry.

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Question by mistikalvalkrie: On average are red wines or white wines sweeter?
My husband and I were having a wine discussion today and he said that most red wines are drier than white, I said the opposite. Neither of us are sure which is the sweeter of the two on average or, with the amount of different varieties, if they’re both about the same.

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Answer by Peter
White wine is sweeter

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