Experience Red Wine Glass – Set of 6

Experience Red Wine GlassDimensions:Height: 9″ Width: 3.25″ Oz: 15.75
List Price: $ 79.00
Price: $ 79.00

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Stolzle

Question by Malissa: how to get wine out of carpet?
how to remove wine stains

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Answer by Morales Familee
club soda, if it is set in resolve stain remover works magic

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Question by SECRET DESTROYER: What is the Difference between a Fortified Wine and a Regular Wine?
or what is considered to be normal wine?

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Answer by inthekitchen
Fortified wine is a wine that’s had a distilled spirit added to it.Sherry,Port,Madeira and Marsala are types of fortified wines.

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Question by Diggy: Wine. Box, screw cap, or cork?
I’ve been enjoying wine for 5 years now. I used to buy different bottles all the time to try different things.
Recently I’ve converted to box wine because it’s a better value and better storage for the life of the wine. What’s your take on box wine, versus bottles with a screw cap or cork?

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Answer by Robert David M
Cork, all the way.
Without the glass bottle, I don’t trust it.

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