Wine Men Of Gotham Chardonnay 2011 750ml

– Wine Men Of Gotham Chardonnay 2011 750ml –
List Price: $ 10.84
Price: $ 10.84

Merchant: Saratoga Wine Exchange
Brand: Wine Men Of Gotham

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Question by Some Guy: Will bad wine get you drunk?
Popped open a bottle of wine and it tastes of vinegar. Will this still do the job?

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Answer by Cro-magnonMan
DO NOT DRINK IT!!! wine is not supposed to taste like vinegar. It sounds like spoiled wine. Go buy some fresh wine.

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Question by Raha Farzane: is fortified wine a type of table wine?
I am categorizing wines, but Im confused which type is fortified wine, table wine, sparkling wine, or specialty wine, or any other?

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Answer by David Martin
It is grape juice that has alcohol added to it.

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Question by stolen kisses: dry red wine and regular wine difference?
A recipe for a steak sauce calls for dry red wine. Can I use regular wine? What is the difference?

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Answer by Corvato
all wine is either dry or sweet
a “regular” wine would vary somewhere between these by the style, company, etc

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