Exquisit White Wine Glass – Set of 6

Exquisit White Wine GlassDimensions:Height: 8″ Width: 3″ Oz: 12
List Price: $ 59.00
Price: $ 59.00

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Stolzle

Question by Cody: How do you make wine?
I’m curious of how to make wine. I have grapes to make it.

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Answer by talha
first take a glass and fill it with water and do shit on it and then mix it up and add some pepsi and drink it………….
if u like this so email me at funny_talha@yahoo.com

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Question by koreanbeauty826: wine: how many years old?
i prefer white wine. how many years old makes a good wine?

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Answer by Lessels28
2003 was a very good vintage year

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Question by Alanna E: question for recipe with wine?
I am looking for a recipe site or wine website that use wine to cook with meat, any idea?

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Answer by T-rexasaurus

Always worked for me. Just type your inquiry and the search engine should come up with something. Good luck!

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